Arista Networks delivers software-defined cloud networking solutions for large data centers and high-performance computing environments. Arista’s products redefine network architectures, bring extensibility to networking, and dramatically change the price and performance of data center networks.

Pogo deploys Arista 10GbE and 40GbE wire speed multilayer switches powered by the Arista EOS, the world’s most advanced network operating system. These switches provide performance and scalability for 10Gb data centers, big data, IP Storage applications, and dense virtualization environments.

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HP offers a wide range of networking products that are universally recognized as high performance, and easy to use. In addition, HP products have proven reliability, as evidenced in thousands of deployments in data centers around the world.

Pogo has used HP Procurve products in many deployments with great results. The ProCurve Series 2900 Switches are multiport switches that can be used to build high-performance switched networks. These switches are store-and forward devices, offering low latency for high-speed networking, and support Redundant Power Supply technology for increased uptime.

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In today’s computing environments, applications require access to more and more data – and they need it quickly.  Supermicro paves the way for this data superhighway with its powerful, cost-effective 10-Gigabit Ethernet switching products.  The top-of-rack twenty-four-port switches provide a high-speed interconnect between 10-Gigabit Ethernet-enabled servers, while providing access to a high-speed network backbone.

Supermicro networking equipment is very flexible, with impressive overall ROI.  An optional rail kit, and reverse airflow for optimal cooling in a datacenter environment, make easy rackmount installation even simpler.  Choose from 1G and 10G networking, and 40-Gigabit uplinks -- everything you need for a successful data center deployment. Custom Quote

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Qlogic has always been a leader in Fibre Channel networks, pioneering innovations like a stackable architecture, and convenient pay-as-you-grow solutions that allow you to stay within your budget while providing the necessary room for future growth. Unified management across multiple switches makes it easy to set up and manage your Fibre Channel network. You can be confident when deploying into existing environments because Transparent Router (TR) technology provides seamless, NPIV standards-based interoperability with SANs from any vendor, while maintaining full fabric services locally.

When it comes to Fibre channel, Pogo turns to Qlogic. Interoperability issues are non-existent with the combination of QLogic switches and Fibre Channel HBAs. In addition, Qlogic provides the reliability and multi-path features that give enterprise deployments the robust infrastructure they need to stay up and running.

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Today, SAS is the most prevalent implementation of the SCSI protocol, and LSI is the leading SAS network switch provider. LSI has been a pioneer in the space, with one of the first commercially-available SAS switches. The company has continued to update and expand its product line and introduced SAS storage area networks (SAN) solutions with increased flexibility, for even the most demanding storage needs.

With LSI SAS Switches, multiple servers can connect to one or more independent external storage systems, enabling more efficient “scaling out” of both storage and servers in data centers and other large storage installations. The switches offer high performance – up to 24GB/s per port -- while allowing the connection of up to 1,000 devices. Pogo uses the the LSI SAS Switch to quickly and easily architect high-performance SAS SANs, without adding the significant cost and complexity of other technologies.

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Racks and Infrastructure


Supermicro’s new SuperRack® systems were designed from the ground up for ease of installation, maintenance, and scaling. They offer effortless rear access and cabling arrangements for hot-swap-capable servers, such as their Twin and Double-Sided Storage® families. SuperRack® is convenient, flexible, reliable, customizable, and compatible. Pogo likes Supermicro rack solutions because of their ability to support heavy loads for high-density server solutions. The solutions are compliant with ANSI/EIA RS-310-C/D/E standards, and compatible with APC InfraStruXure products. Features like the “Per U” Design for cable management, and their flexibility and expandability in almost any datacenter environment, make them the perfect choice for large and small deployments alike.

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UPS and Power Distribution


APC is the gold standard in power protection, helping safeguard against data loss, hardware damage, and downtime. APC provides end-to-end AC- and DC-based backup power products and services, including surge suppressors, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power conditioning equipment, power management software, and DC power systems. The company also offers precision cooling equipment, and professional and consulting services for Nonstop Networking™.

Pogo has used APC products in data center deployments around the world. APC products are highly manageable, and feature self-diagnostic capabilities and standardized modules, mitigating the risk of human error for increased overall data center reliability. The breadth of available APC products fit almost any deployment, from a single backup unit to an entire datacenter.

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tripp lite

Tripp Lite provides proven power distribution solutions for a wide variety of professional IT environments. Features like visible power meters and remote PDU control give data center admins complete control over their power distribution, either at the rack or from a remote location.

The rugged design of Tripp Lite products has made them a favorite choice for Pogo solution deployments. With options for basic, metered, monitored, and switched models, customers can get exactly the control they need for deployments of all sizes.

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